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Need A Mover?

Moving is usually a stressful ordeal, even for the most prepared of families. There are multiple rooms to pack and boxes to keep in order. Between fragile boxes of mementos and valuable antique furniture, it's certainly a job you aren't looking forward to tackling on your own. That's why at Semper Fi Movers, we're here to (literally) take the problem off your hands! We specialize in commercial and residential moving services you can trust. Our experience easily qualifies us to meet your moving needs with ease!

From small items like glass sculptures to large things like SUVs, we are happy to assist you with packing, loading, and unloading your belongings safely. By using the proper moving equipment to secure your property and furniture, we ensure safe transportation for your valuable possessions. We operate on your time, so it's crucial for us to remain flexible to fit into your schedule and budget. Semper Fi Movers works hard to earn that privilege and title of being your trusted moving company.

Residential Moving

  • Long-distance moving, local moves, and everything in between
  • Semper Fi Packing: We pack and move your belongings! Packing options are customized for each move and pricing includes labor and shipping.
  • Unpacking services are available to help settle you into your new home.
  • We offer short-term storage for clients needing a temporary place for their possessions until they are ready for unpacking!

Commercial Moving

  • Semper Fi Movers takes you long-distance and local for business relocations!
  • We offer custom packing and wrapping servicse to ensure your tools and equipment arrive ready to start work again.
  • Our unpacking services will have your business space ready for a new day quickly! All unpacking pricing includes labor for an easy, upfront cost to you.
  • Overnight and short-term storage options are available for business' in need.
  • Warehousing, retail stores, office spaces, and workshops local to the Little Rock area or a long-distance haul are all experienced stops for your professional Semper Fi Movers team!

Wrapping & Packing

Our service includes:

  • Self-packing where we provide all the packing and wrapping materials you may need to protect your belongings
  • Custom packing where were provide labor and materials. Leave it to the experts to secure your furniture and possessions!
  • Whichever you prefer in the Little Rock area and beyond, we’re ready and available to get you settled in your new space!

Local Moving Services

When you need Little Rock local movers, Semper Fi Movers is eager to help. Conveniently located in Conway, AR, we’re proud to serve the entire Little Rock area including Conway, Cabot, Jacksonville, and Sherwood. We take the stress and uncertainty out of your moving experience giving you more time and energy to focus on the things that truly matter.

People often approach the moving process in a somewhat panicked and haphazard way, especially if the move is on relatively short notice. At Semper Fi Movers, our reputation and qualifications speak for themselves. Our vehicles are thoroughly inspected by a mechanic regularly, and our prices for moving and packing are fair, competitive, and upfront.

Many choose to cut down the cost of relocating by hiring an independent company that provides the lowest quote only to find out the company isn’t insured against damage or the workers themselves are unprofessional.

Trust in Semper Fi Movers to provide you with the smoothest transition to your new location.

Long Distance Moving Services

Semper Fi Movers Moving is never simple, but when you have your hard-working Semper Fi Movers team on your side, the process becomes much more relaxed. From the moment you call the experts at Semper Fi Movers, we’re there to take care of the planning, packing, and heavy lifting. We handle everything involved in a long-distance move leaving you free to take care of other details. We ensure that your trusted possessions will be in good hands.

At Semper Fi Movers, we do our best to not only ease the anxiety that goes along with the practical details of relocating but also the pressure of financing the trip. The moving process is not just a stressful one; it can also be expensive if your move is taking place on short notice or over a weekend or holiday. To that end, we’re proud to offer free, no-obligation estimates on all our services.

Veteran and Law Enforcement Discounts

Packing services

Semper Fi Movers will also pack your home or business! You decide how much assistance you need to pack and wrap your belongings. Our packing services cover as little as just a few wardrobe boxes to packing everything in the home! Semper Fi Movers provides everything from moving boxes and wardrobe boxes to specialty boxes for televisions and pictures. Just let us know what supplies you need to finish the packing process. We specialize in organized packing and wrapping when you need an extra hand, too!

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COVID-19 Update

Due to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases, we want to assure you that

Semper Fi Movers LLC is putting the safety of our Team Members and Customers first by following all the best practices and the guidelines for sanitation, cleanliness, and precaution as we continue to be That Moving Company That you can depend ON. Here are some of the proactive steps we’ve quickly taken:

We Are Proactively Implementing the Following Procedures Beginning, March, 16th, 2020

· Virtual Video Surveys: All prospective customers will be offered an alternative to the traditional on-site pre—move survey. We have updated out technology offerings to include ability to perform a VIRTUAL VIDEO SURVEY of your home or office. This will minimize face-to-face contact time and still allow our Moving Consultants to provide accurate move estimates.

· PRE-MOVE CUSTOMER WELLNESS CHECK: Our Scheduling Team will contact Customers in advance of the arrival of our Move Team to inquire if Customer feels ill, or suspects that have had contact with an infected person. Move services can be cancelled or postponed to mitigate risk and ensure safety of Team Members and Customers.

· PRE-MOVE TEAM MEMBER WELLNESS CHECK: We have posted signs and symptoms of COVID-19 throughout our offices to better inform and provide awareness to our Team Members. Any Team Members who feels uncomfortable coming into the office, feels ill, or suspects that they may have had contact with an infected person should not come into the office and should notify the Scheduling Team ASAP. All Team Members upon arriving to our offices will have hand cleaning supplies readily available.

· INCRESED CLEANING: we are refocusing and increasing cleaning duties at our office locations and in the interior of are cab of our Moving Trucks. All moving trucks and offices will be equipped with disinfectant wipes and spray. We are focusing our increased cleaning on frequently touched surfaces using a antimicrobial disinfectant on the EPA list of CONVID-19 fighting products. Some examples surfaces cleaned include door handles, steering wheels, phones, work surfaces, bathrooms, and common areas.

· USE OF EXAMINATION GLOVES: move Team members will wear 9 mil thick Examination Gloves while performing move services as an additional hygiene measure and self-protection. Gloves will be discarded after each use.

· STAGGERARD SHIFT START TIMES: Shift start times will spaced and staggered for our Team Members to reduce gatherings of multiple Team Members at our offices at the same time. Team Members that arrive for their shift will be encouraged to get their needed move information for the day and head out to their job for the day.

· SOCIAL DISTANCING: Upon arrival to our Customers homes or office, Team Members will be practicing the 6 foot social distancing between Team Members and the customer. We have always valued the professionalism and respect that came with good introductory handshake, however under this COVID-19 period, we ask that our customers understand for the safety purposes, there be no hand shaking or touching.

· OPEN DOORSWAYS AND WINDOWS WHNE AVILABLE: In residential move setting when available we will ask our Customers to open outside doors and windows to increase air circulation.

Thank you for your time on this matter and understanding.

David Meyskens

Owner Semper Fi Movers LLC.